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countertop filter systemWhether you are looking for an ODM or OEM water filtration manufacturing partner, by choosing Water Safety Corporation you’ve made a great choice.

Over the past 37 years, we have helped a number of companies just like yours enter, or expand their presence in the residential water filtration market, both here in the United States, and in many foreign countries.

You can count on our many years of experience to lead the conversation whether the topic is in new product design, manufacturing, certification, or helping you decide on whether to have your products built in the United States or off-shore.

From R&D, through product design, testing, third-party certification, manufacturing, quality, packaging, and delivery our design team will be with you every step of the process.

When you engage Water Safety Corporation on the design of your next water treatment product, we will assemble an experienced design team that is comprised of Marketing and Creative services, engineering, and executive team members that will work closely with you and members of your organization to make your goals come to life.

The Point-of-Use Water Treatment Market was valued at $9.5 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $15.6 billion by 2022.

U.S. Point-of-Use Water Treatment System Market report 2022 - Research & Markets

Trusted Industry Leader

It Starts with Your Vision

Through close collaboration, we work together to develop and refine your vison into concepts. Once a direction is chosen, our team will create appealing product images that integrate these concepts into practical engineering architectures.


Water Safety Corporation provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services specializing in the residential water treatment field for your business. So whether you prefer to select products from our product portfolio and modify them slightly, or work together to design new and proprietary products, we can help.

Premium Carbon Block Filters

Our standards for high contaminant reduction performance are supported by independent, third-party testing from laboratories such as the Water Quality Association ( Only the finest raw materials from around the world are selected to produce carbon block filters that are certified to substantially reduce a wide range of common tap water contaminants.

It's Your Choice

Depending upon your preference, Water Safety Corporation can manufacture your products domestically or oversee the manufacture of your products from one of our trusted off-shore suppliers. After 37 years of being in business, we have developed strong relationships throughout our supply chain that translate into providing quality products and dependable solutions anywhere in the world.

About Water Safety Corporation

Quality & Service
U.S. manufacturing partner

Your Trusted U.S. Partner

Water Safety Corporation is an ODM/OEM supplier of residential water filtration products. Established in 1985 in Reno, Nevada, our passion is to design and manufacture water filtration products that improve the quality of our drinking water while improving our health and reducing plastic bottle waste. In that pursuit, we are customer-focused and provide unparalleled quality and service.

Connected Hardware Development

mobile app ioTHome appliances used to be a once-in-a-decade purchase. However, the customer mindset is shifting to expect regular product upgrades. Most customers will defer replacing an appliance for several years, although that doesn’t mean they will be content with their purchase until then. They’ve become conditioned by their consumer electronics to expect new capabilities on a regular basis, which means OEMs have an opportunity to determine ways to increase the long-term value proposition of the purchase.

This shift in thinking marks a change in the business-customer relationship. The end of the interactions is no longer just limited to the point of sale. OEMs have an opportunity to become more personalized, data-driven, and become regular service providers.

Smart water filters can help develop deeper relationships by contributing to the customer experience in different ways, such as providing tips on how to use the product, providing reminders of when to change the filter, providing feedback on the product’s quality, and supplying access to related goods and services.

Water Safety Corporation has deep expertise in this area. Call us today to find out more about making your next filter product smart!

Life Cycle Support

  • Cradle to grave management
  • Complete design concepts that become your proprietary product(s) when we do business
  • Technically qualified and highly skilled engineering, creative, and manufacturing personnel
  • Unique ability to translate your thinking into great products
  • Certification specialists will apply for and provide ongoing management of your IAPMO, NSF, or WQA product certifications
  • You will be assigned an experienced, dedicated account manager
  • An experienced supply chain and logistics manager will work closely with your purchasing team

We Specialize In

  • Domestic Carbon Block ManufacturingProprietary sizes and end cap interfaces available upon request.
  • Under-Sink Water Filtration
  • Countertop Water Filtration
  • Shower Filtration
  • GAC and Multi-Media Cartridges
  • Sediment Filtration